Learning to Construct Effective Sentences


A teacher talks about using mentor texts to help students learn how to construct effective sentences. She asks the students what they notice in the sentence. Students discuss the features of the sentence with a partner.

FEATURING: Carol Lang, Newport Elementary School (CA)

SOURCE: Doing What Works

Appositive Worksheet

This sample material offers an example of different nonfiction sentences in a mentor text to show students how authors use appositives to craft sentences. Listen to the audio interview, Learning to Construct Effective Sentences, to hear how one teacher helps students understand sentence construction through mentor texts.

SOURCE: Doing What Works

More Than One Way to Write

A reading specialist describes how classes at her school are learning to write for different purposes. In each classroom students learn skills and continue building a foundation as they grow.

FEATURING: Amiee Anthony, Eagle View Elementary School (VA)

SOURCE: Doing What Works

Kindergarten Student Writing Sample

This is a story about a butterfly that was written and illustrated by a kindergarten student in both English and Spanish versions. It shows her mastery of both everyday and academic English vocabulary words.


FEATURING: Cahuenga Elementary (CA)

SOURCE: Doing What Works