Standards for Mathematical Content

Multiply or Divide Problems

Participants in the Multiply or Divide? staff development session on fraction operations worked with this problem set to strengthen their understanding of fraction multiplication and division concepts. See Focus on Fraction Operations for additional background.


SOURCE: Doing What Works

Focus on Fraction Operations

This PowerPoint covers the content of a staff development session for math coaches and teachers about how to teach fraction operations. Multiply or Divide? shows a portion of the workshop in which participants are working on the sample material, Multiply or Divide Problems.


FEATURING: RMC Denver Professional Development

SOURCE: Doing What Works

Number Lines

Yukari Okamoto describes the misconceptions that students have about fractions and how to help them understand fractions’ place in the number system. She demonstrates instructional approaches with number lines and number strips to expand beyond the part-whole approach to teaching fractions.


FEATURING:  Yukari Okamoto, University of California, Santa Barbara

SOURCE: Doing What Works

Learning and Teaching Linear Functions

These video-based resources help math teachers in grades 6–10 address “problems of practice” associated with the issues and challenges of teaching linear functions.


SOURCE: Nanette Seago, Judy Mumme, Nicholas Branca, WestEd