Standards for Mathematical Content

Pre-Algebra Fencing Task

At Papillion Junior High School, seventh-grade students work in groups on a non-routine geometry problem. This sample material has a fencing task worksheet and photos of students’ presentations of their solutions.


SOURCE: Doing What Works

Focus on Ratios

This PowerPoint outlines the content of a development session for math coaches and teachers on teaching ratios, rates, and proportions. Understanding Ratios shows a portion of the workshop in which participants are working on the sample material, Ratio Problems.


SOURCE: Doing What Works

Ratio Problems

Participants in the Understanding Ratios development session worked with this set of problems to strengthen their conceptual understandings. See Focus on Ratios for additional background.


SOURCE: Doing What Works

Understanding Ratios

This professional development session for teachers and coaches demonstrates strategies for teaching ratio, rate, and proportion concepts. Follow the full session through the PowerPoint, Focus on Ratios, and the set of Ratio Problems.


FEATURING: RMC Denver Professional Development

SOURCE: Doing What Works

The Concepts Behind Operations

David C. Geary describes how to build students’ understanding of the concepts underlying operations with fractions, common misconceptions that children have, and what can be learned from their errors.


FEATURING: David C. Geary, University of Missouri

SOURCE: Doing What Works