Selecting and Analyzing Evidence - Lesson Plan for Grade 7 English Language Arts

Using a Teen Health article on fears and phobias, this lesson is designed to teach students the process of analyzing evidence from an informational text, then support that evidence with elaboration. The lesson plan includes guidance on how teachers can introduce and model the process before giving students the opportunity for independent practice.

SOURCE: Building Educator Assessment Literacy

Fears and Phobias Unit Plan

In this unit plan, educators can see where the Selecting and Analyzing Evidence mini-task fits into a broader unit of study about fear. In this unit, students have guided opportunities to read multiple informational and fictional texts and practice selecting and elaborating on evidence to support a claim. The unit plan includes the standards addressed, instructional foci, and various forms of assessment.

SOURCE: Building Educator Assessment Literacy

ELA Mini-Task

This mini-task, used by the teacher and coach in the BEAL English Language Arts videos, involves reading a nonfiction text, then making a claim and supporting it with evidence from the text.

SOURCE: Building Educator Assessment Literacy


Read-Aloud Walk-Through Checklist

This checklist was used by a coach to observe a second-grade teacher using multiple strategies to engage students in partner sharing and includes the filled-in form with observation notes. Watch the video, Partner Sharing: Good Readers Ask Questions, to see the lesson that was observed.


FEATURING: Woodbridge Elementary School (DE)

SOURCE: Doing What Works

Systematic Teaching Strategies

This material, developed for Pennsylvania schools, describes several strategies, outlines student/teacher benefits, and provides instructional principles. Strategies include explicit teaching, instructional clarity, error correction, and student practice. A reading specialist demonstrates error correction and guided practice in the presentation, Modeling Initial Sounds in Tier 3.


FEATURING: Tri-Community Elementary School (PA)

SOURCE: Doing What Works