Problem solving (MP1, MP6)

Encouraging Effort through Feedback


A sixth-grade math teacher shares her approach to feedback in the classroom and its effect on her students.  She shares her enthusiasm as a complex instructor and speaks about giving specific feedback on effort and performance, rather than general praise without direction and follow up.

SOURCE: Doing What Works

The Nature of Prescriptive Feedback (Part 1)

Dr. Carol Dweck, from Stanford, is a leader in the research on effective feedback for students. In this video she describes the research on the effects of prescriptive, informational feedback and provides some examples of such feedback.

Helping All Students Learn Algebra

An eighth-grade algebra teacher talks about how he builds skills necessary for algebra concurrently with the teaching of algebra standards. He describes his method and shares experiences with linear equations that reflect a coherent approach to learning and skill development. The discussed tasks are available.

Source: Doing What Works

Fraction Strip Game: Cover Up

A third-grade teacher uses this game to help students understand unit fractions and equivalences. Students work in pairs, following instructions to play two variations of the game. Making and Using Fraction Strips shows the game in use.

SOURCE: Doing What Works