English Language Learners

Practical Peer Learning

Listen to principal Elizabeth Heffernan describe ways to use peer learning and pairing strategies for connecting students, including “turn to your partner,” "bottoms up-heads together" team work, and peanut butter-and-jelly.


FEATURING: Riverview Elementary (MN)

SOURCE: Doing What Works

List of Science Content Words

Warfield Elementary School develops instructional calendars for each grade and content area. Review the high-priority science content words listed on this kindergarten science calendar to focus vocabulary instruction.


FEATURING: Warfield Elementary (FL)

SOURCE: Doing What Works

Pumpkin Pie for Halloween

Watch how a kindergarten teacher uses a variety of strategies to help English learners move from listening to discussing stories. She describes how text discussion develops across the early grade levels and explains how she forms small groups of English learners to individualize instruction.


FEATURING: Jenny English, Kindergarten Teacher, Graham Road Elementary School (VA)

SOURCE: Doing What Works

We Can Achieve Equity Through Implementing the Common Core

In this free webinar, Rose Owens-West, Director of the Region IX Equity Assistance Center at WestEd, will address the importance of attending to the needs of parents, teachers, and students to ensure the success of every student as we implement the Common Core State Standards.


FEATURING: Rose Owens-West, WestEd

SOURCE: Region IX Equity Assistance Center

How the Common Core Must Ensure Equity by Fully Preparing Every Student for Postsecondary Success

This paper outlines six equity goals, along with key questions that educators should consider if the needs of all learners are to be appropriately and adequately met. The paper concludes with a set of recommendations to help educators ensure equity as they continue implementing the new standards.


SOURCE: Regional Equity Assistance Centers

Common Core and ELLs

This article presents WestEd expert Robert Linquanti’s co-authored recommendations for educating California’s English language learners.


SOURCE: Robert Linquanti, WestEd