English Language Arts/Literacy

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Collaborating for Success

This two-day symposium provided opportunities for district and county office of education teams to engage in discussions, collaboration, and planning activities regarding CCSS implementation. REL West and the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd, along with the California Collaborative on District Reform at AIR, and California Education Partners, cosponsored the symposium.


FEATURING: Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University


Single-Strategy Instruction

Watch a second-grade teacher use a single-strategy approach to teach questioning. She begins with modeling then extends instruction to small group guided reading activities and independent center work.


FEATURING: Katherine Roundtree, Second-Grade Teacher, Graham Road Elementary School (VA)

SOURCE: Doing What Works

Grade 9 Academic Literacy

Students in Cindy Ryan’s academic literacy class practice Thinking Aloud in a whole class metacognitive conversation. These students have shed self-consciousness about being confused, and may instead ask each other, “How did you figure that out?”

FEATURING:  Cindy Ryan, English Teacher

SOURCE: Reading Apprenticeship at WestEd

Question Sea

Watch how a third-grade teacher uses modeling and guided practice to teach questioning. Listen as she describes how she supports students in learning to use the strategies on their own. View the related sample material developed by the teacher, Question Sea Worksheets.

FEATURING: Lauren Cottrell, Third-Grade Teacher, Adlai E. Stevenson II Elementary School (IL)

SOURCE:  Doing What Works

Question Sea Worksheets

These worksheets were developed by a third-grade teacher and her colleagues to help students understand the difference between on-the-surface and under-the-surface questions about text. Watch the presentation, Question Sea: On- and Under-the-Surface Questions, to hear how Cottrell uses these worksheets in her classroom.

SOURCE: Doing What Works

Common Core Standards

Learn how districts can think about the new rigor required in building a local comprehensive assessment system that reflects the Common Core State Standards.


FEATURING: Joseph Sassone, WestEd

SOURCE: Schools Moving Up

Common Core Standards

Receive an overview of the Common Core standards, spotlighting areas that help curriculum specialists improve the development of district curriculum documents, including pacing guides.


FEATURING:  Ruth McKenna, WestEd; Joseph Sassone, WestEd

SOURCE: Schools Moving Up