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Professional Learning

In this era of new standards, students are expected to develop deep understanding and solid skills in core subject areas. As such, educators must have expertise in the content they teach and be competent in the instructional strategies needed to help students learn the content.

WestEd offers a variety of professional-learning opportunities to help educators, K-12, prepare for the content-related demands of new standards—whether those demands derive from new English language arts standards that also set expectations for literacy in other content areas; from mathematics standards that, among other things, require teachers in grades 6-10 to develop and strengthen their students’ algebraic reasoning; or from science standards best addressed through inquiry-based learning, collaborative discussion, and an extensive focus on reading, writing, and talking in the sciences.

WestEd’s professional-learning offerings for K-12 educators include:

  • In-person and interactive online courses to deepen content knowledge and hone new instructional strategies
  • Opportunities to try out research-based practices in the classroom and, afterward, engage in reflective dialogue with peers
  • Invitations to connect with like-minded colleagues from other schools, through discussions, collaborative development of wikis, and other interactive activities

In addition to providing professional–learning opportunities across the content areas, WestEd offers a research-based intervention math curriculum that helps K–7 teachers and students tackle difficult concepts and meet the new standards by simultaneously developing mathematical thinking and academic language.


Available Services


 Algebraic Thinking and the Common Core Teacher Workshops

In this two-day workshop, mathematics teachers in grades 5–10 will deepen their understanding of how algebra concepts and algebraic thinking develop in the Common Core and learn instructional practices to help students understand the content. Through analysis of classroom video clips, discussions, readings, and tasks designed as a bridge to teachers’ practice, participants will increase their ability to identify, describe, and foster algebraic reasoning in their students.

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 Common Core Curriculum Builds: Math and English Language Arts

WestEd trainers will provide a district or school ELA or mathematics curriculum committee (typically three to four teachers per grade and subject) with the knowledge, skills, and guidance necessary for constructing Common Core English language arts or mathematics units that follow a logical learning progression within and across grade levels.

Trainings range from five to ten days, depending on whether the district or school is starting from scratch, refining existing units, or modifying an existing adopted textbook. The length of training also varies based on the committee(s) plans to conduct work in between training sessions.

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 Culture & Context in STEM Education: CCSS-Based Math for ELL Instruction and Family Engagement

The Culture and Language in STEM Education program offers three-day professional development sessions that support educators in integrating research-based strategies for effective instruction of ELLs in their mathematics instruction. These sessions are designed for elementary teachers and administrators whose schools serve a majority English learner population.

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 Customized Math Professional Development

WestEd teams are available to provide two-day blocks of customized mathematics professional development and technical assistance for individual schools or groups of schools. These sessions, facilitated by two expert professional development providers, are open to up to 80 teachers, and are shaped by site-specific needs as determined through conversations with administrators and key personnel. Questions that guide the decision to select this customized, site-focused option include:

  • Is your team considering how to best incorporate the newly adopted mathematics curriculum into your classrooms?
  • Do you have a goal of enhancing teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching?
  • Are teachers moving into leadership roles to support mathematics instruction?
  • Are you looking for assistance with Common Core-related implementation issues?

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 Geometric Transformations and the Common Core Teacher Workshops

In these two-day workshops, mathematics teachers in grades 6–10 deepen their understanding of how concepts of proportionality, congruence, and similarity develop from the perspective of geometric transformation in the Common Core and learn instructional practices to help students understand the content. Through analysis of classroom video clips, discussions, readings, and tasks designed as a bridge to teachers’ practice, participants will increase their ability to identify, describe, and foster transformations-based reasoning in their students.

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 Improving Academic Literacy Through the Use of Digital Technologies

This hybrid face-to-face/online professional development opportunity is designed to help practitioners implement the use of high-quality digital learning materials in a technology-enriched learning environment. In the face-to-face workshops and online modules and discussion sessions, participants will:

Explore how digital materials can be integrated into routine practice to improve instruction for all students.
Learn how to access and customize digital materials and resources relevant to students’ needs, interests, and abilities across grade levels and content areas.

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 Learning and Teaching Geometry

In the five-day Learning and Teaching Geometry Institute, mathematics teachers in grades 6–10 receive training in the Common Core-aligned, transformations-based approach to geometry. The 50 hours of materials and professional development are designed to help teachers interpret and better understand how to implement a large number of content and practice standards, including constructing viable geometric arguments, using appropriate tools strategically to solve geometric problems, attending to precision in geometry, and looking for and making use of geometric structure.

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 Learning and Teaching Linear Functions

The Learning and Teaching Linear Functions Institute helps mathematics teachers in grades 5–10 deepen their content understanding, specifically as related to expressions and equations, functions, and algebra standards within the Common Core. In this five-day workshop, participants will work on mathematics tasks, view classroom videos, and discuss how the tasks and classroom enactments reflect the Common Core content standards, learning progressions, and standards practice.

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 Learning to Lead Mathematics Professional Development

This WestEd Learning to Lead Institute is designed to help school or district professional development leaders build the pedagogical and facilitation skills required to provide effective mathematics professional development for mathematics under Common Core. With the goal of helping teachers improve student achievement in mathematics, the institute is built around key issues leaders typically confront in designing and enacting professional development focused on deepening teachers’ knowledge for teaching. This program is designed for both new and experienced leaders who want to engage with others in considering the complex work of leading mathematics professional development.

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 Math Pathways & Pitfalls

This four-day institute helps participants integrate the Math Pathways & Pitfalls principles and strategies into their curriculum and classroom practice. Open to K–8 teachers, teacher leaders, professional development providers, and administrators, the institute supports the development of effective and equitable mathematics instruction. Participants will learn to:

  • Turn pitfalls into pathways for learning
  • Help students be proactive toward their learning and catch their own mistakes
  • Enhance student performance on assessments
  • Develop mathematical language and facilitate productive discussions in mathematics
  • Address multiple modalities and foster risk taking among diverse students

WestEd hosts summer institutes, but customized institutes for individual sites are also available. For information on scheduling and pricing, view the full service description or the MPP website, or contact us.


Pepper Online CCSS Professional Development

Developed by WestEd and offered in partnership with PCG Education, Pepper online professional development consists of self-paced course modules and related resources designed to improve educators’ practice in Common Core-aligned instruction. State education agencies, districts, charter school organizations, and individual schools can sign up for an individual course or get an annual subscription that provides full access to the course library. Participants will develop their understanding of the Common Core through course activities that directly translate to classroom practice. Subscribers have the opportunity to share, discuss, and collaborate with others in the Pepper community.

View more information on subscription pricing and course availability at the Pepper website or contact us.


 Reading Apprenticeship

In the Reading Apprenticeship framework, teachers model content-area literacy skills to help students improve their comprehension and increase engagement in knowledge building. Reading Apprenticeship offers training in the framework in multiple formats and durations, including customized coaching to suit the individual needs of districts and schools. Through these trainings, teachers learn how to: build student engagement, support students in close reading of complex subject area texts; articulate their own reading and reasoning processes for instruction; model and mentor disciplinary thinking and literacy practices; make thinking visible in a classroom community of readers and thinkers; foster classroom discourse and collaborative meaning making; and deeply embed the inquiry stance that builds learning investment, metacognition, and independence.

For information on the professional development opportunities available for middle school, high school, and postsecondary instructors, view the Reading Apprenticeship website or contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.


 Reading to Learn

Reading to Learn (RtL) professional development provides participants the opportunity to build a professional learning community in which they can further develop their use of the RtL framework. Throughout a series of workshops and on-site classroom demonstrations, teachers enhance their professional practice related to effective literacy instruction in the content areas and learn to develop objective-driven, text-based lessons that support students to work with and learn from complex texts.

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 WestEd/Silicon Valley Math Initiative

WestEd, in partnership with the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (SVMI), provides member districts in Southern California with access to professional development resources that support formative instructional practices, increase teacher content knowledge and pedagogical skills, and strengthen mathematics leadership.

For more information on this program, view the full project description or contact us.