WestEd in the Field


Making Middle School Mathematics Accessible to All Students

WestEd's Making Middle School Mathematics Accessible to All Students (MAS) project helps middle school math teachers, special educators, and paraeducators effectively reach English language learners and students with diverse learning needs.

Through institutes and its guidebook, Making Mathematics Accessible to English Learners, the MAS project enhances the capacity of middle school educators to support all students in meeting the Common Core standards in mathematics.

The Guidebook contains:

  • Rubrics to help teachers identify the most important language skills at five ELD levels
  • Practical guidance and tips from research and the field
  • Seven scaffolding strategies for differentiating instruction
  • Seven tools to promote mathematical language
  • Assessment techniques and accommodations to lower communication barriers for English learners
  • Three integrated lesson scenarios demonstrating how to combine and embed these various strategies, tools, techniques, and approaches