WestEd in the Field


Implementing New Mathematics Standards

WestEd is partnering with the Creighton School District in Arizona to align the district’s instructional materials and practices with the state’s new mathematics standards.

Using Math Pathways & Pitfalls, a K–8 intervention curriculum developed by WestEd, and with support from WestEd staff, Creighton coaches developed math units aligned with the new content standards and with mathematical practices.

WestEd staff trained Creighton leaders and coaches during a 5-day summer institute, and supported the work with monthly follow-up sessions with the coaches to ensure that mathematics lessons across the district are aligned with the content in the math standards and Common Core instructional shifts. Coaches, in turn, met monthly with all Creighton teachers to model lessons, conduct teacher observations, and provide reflective feedback.

Armed with a wealth of resources to support them in teaching the new standards, Creighton teachers and leaders are well on their way to successfully implementing the Common Core standards districtwide.