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Diverse Learners

While English language learners and certain students with disabilities need additional supports to meet the higher expectations embodied in the new content standards, the underlying assumption in all WestEd work is that, with appropriate supports, these students can succeed academically.

English Language Learners

Our professional development for teachers working with English learners focuses on helping these teachers establish academic expectations that are rich in intellectual challenge, to learn concrete ways to support their students, and to understand why these strategies work.

WestEd also provides professional-learning opportunities for making mathematics accessible to English learners, as well as for accelerating student progress in English language and literacy. Both types of professional development are designed to help teachers ensure that even students who experience difficulty mastering academic language are able to meet high standards.

Students with Disabilities

We also offer a variety of services targeted at helping students with disabilities meet rigorous standards. WestEd staff offer consultation and professional development on how to align the goals in a student’s individualized education program to the standards, with educators learning systematic processes for supporting students with disabilities to meet the standards based on each student’s present levels of performance, skills, and interests.

WestEd also helps schools and districts develop and/or enhance systems of support targeted at prevention and early intervention for students who struggle with learning (i.e., Response to Intervention).


Available Services


Aligning Common Core State Standards, Career Technical Education with the IEP Transition Component to Improve Post-School Outcomes

Facilitated by a Special Education Training Specialist, this one-day workshop teaches participants to create standards-aligned special education services and programs geared toward post-school success. Appropriate for state and district administrators, teachers and service providers, and families interested in the program design process, the workshop combines direct instruction and hands-on practice to explore:

  • What works in secondary special education;
  • How to evaluate and create evidence-based programs;
  • How to document in the individualized education program (IEP);
  • Why transition language is required in the IEP; and
  • Why the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs monitors the dropout, graduation, and post-school outcomes of students with disabilities.

An additional day focusing on implementation review and coaching can be arranged. View the full service description or contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.


Aligning Common Core State Standards Implementation Within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Model

This in-person professional learning session explores the rationale and components for MTSS within the Common Core State Standards. Appropriate for educators who want to

  • Identify critical components of the implementation process and develop specific next steps within a continuous improvement process.
  • Determine how schools would use the MTSS process to align systems of support.
  • Develop individual district/site action plans using the MTSS Self-Assessment Tool using student, school, and district achievement data.

Contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.


Aligning Common Core State Standards with IEP Development

In this two-day training, educators will learn about the “bigger picture” initiatives affecting special education and increase their knowledge of the Common Core and ability to use it to develop standards-linked IEPs. Participants will also learn more about:

  • Integrating the principles of Universal Design for Learning;
  • Identifying the characteristics of a student who is prepared for college and career success; and
  • Creating reasonably calculated IEPs that are based on a student’s strengths, interests, and preferences.​

Contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.


Dual Language Program Development and English Language Learner Instruction

WestEd offers comprehensive, customized, research-based support for schools as they develop ELL instruction or dual-language programs aligned with district initiatives. Teachers can use our strategies and program models to help their students succeed in the rigorous literacy tasks called for in the Common Core State Standards and aligned assessments.

Contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.


Improving Experiences for English Learners and Their Teachers: Rigorous Instruction Aligned to the California ELA/ELD Standards

WestEd offers this blended professional development program focused on developing teacher, coach, and administrator expertise with powerful instructional approaches for teaching ELLs, and then providing activities, coaching, and materials they can use to facilitate teacher learning and successful classroom implementation. The program combines cohort-based workshops and on-site, individualized coaching that includes demonstration lessons, facilitated lesson planning, peer coaching and lesson study.

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Making Math Accessible to All Students

In this two-day workshop, mathematics teachers and coaches for grades 6–12 learn how to tailor their instruction to help diverse students grasp math concepts and meet the Common Core standards. Participants learn how to apply academic language during lessons, create equitable classroom assessments, and plan lessons for English language learners at different language development levels.

View the full service description or contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.


Quality Teaching for English Learners

The Quality Teaching for English Learners (QTEL) initiative promotes professional development for teachers of grades 3–12 to improve outcomes of English language learners (ELLs) through highly supported, carefully scaffolded tasks. QTEL’s Foundational Institute is a 3-day cross-disciplinary institute tailored to meet the specific needs of schools and districts in introducing QTEL’s model and the tools and processes to attend to language and literacy development in content in instruction as called for under Common Core.

QTEL also offers: a selection of elementary and secondary content-specific institutes, customized by discipline; customized institutes for teacher leaders and school or district leadership; collaborative and one-on-one coaching configurations for ongoing lesson design and implementation support; and a webinar series that provides ongoing support and expanded learning opportunities.

For more information on the available services, scheduling, and pricing, view the full service description or the QTEL website, or contact us.