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Curriculum Alignment

If students are to master today's content standards, the curricula that guide teaching and learning must be aligned with those learning expectations. Teachers must also be prepared to implement the curricula with fidelity.

WestEd is a leader in facilitating, and conducting, gap analyses to determine the degree of such alignment within and across classrooms and schools. Equally important is our expertise in working with educators to bring curriculum design into full alignment if gaps have been identified.

Specifically, we work with schools and districts to:

  • Ensure effective collaboration between and among educators to create successful standards-based lesson plans
  • Adapt existing curricula, including units of study, adopted textbooks, and courses, to the new standards
  • Develop, when necessary, new curricula

With expertise in standards development and analysis, as well as in curriculum development, assessment, and instruction, our staff provide consultation, technical assistance, professional-learning programs, evaluation, and research services to support curriculum-alignment processes in schools, districts, and states nationwide.


Available Services


Aligning Common Core State Standards, Career Technical Education with the IEP Transition Component to Improve Post-School Outcomes

Facilitated by a Special Education Training Specialist, this one-day workshop teaches participants to create standards-aligned special education services and programs geared toward post-school success. Appropriate for state and district administrators, teachers and service providers, and families interested in the program design process, the workshop combines direct instruction and hands-on practice to explore:

  • What works in secondary special education;
  • How to evaluate and create evidence-based programs;
  • How to document in the individualized education program (IEP);
  • Why transition language is required in the IEP; and
  • Why the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs monitors the dropout, graduation, and post-school outcomes of students with disabilities.

An additional day focusing on implementation review and coaching can be arranged. View the full service description or contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.


Aligning Common Core State Standards Implementation Within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Model

This in-person professional learning session explores the rationale and components for MTSS within the Common Core State Standards. Appropriate for educators who want to

  • Identify critical components of the implementation process and develop specific next steps within a continuous improvement process.
  • Determine how schools would use the MTSS process to align systems of support.
  • Develop individual district/site action plans using the MTSS Self-Assessment Tool using student, school, and district achievement data.

Contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.


Aligning Common Core State Standards with IEP Development

In this two-day training, educators will learn about the “bigger picture” initiatives affecting special education and increase their knowledge of the Common Core and ability to use it to develop standards-linked IEPs. Participants will also learn more about:

  • Integrating the principles of Universal Design for Learning;
  • Identifying the characteristics of a student who is prepared for college and career success; and
  • Creating reasonably calculated IEPs that are based on a student’s strengths, interests, and preferences.​

Contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.


Common Core Instructional Shifts in Math or ELA

These in-person trainings, available for mathematics or English language arts, provide first-hand experience in instructional strategies aligned to the Common Core standards. The subject-area-specific trainings are geared toward all teachers of the subject, from elementary through secondary grades. Each training alternates sessions that include lesson planning time with in-class observations and coaching conversations around the new content and strategies.

Contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.


Pepper Online CCSS Professional Development

Developed by WestEd and offered in partnership with PCG Education, Pepper online professional development consists of self-paced course modules and related resources designed to improve educators’ practice in Common Core-aligned instruction. State education agencies, districts, charter school organizations, and individual schools can sign up for an individual course or get an annual subscription that provides full access to the course library. Participants will develop their understanding of the Common Core through course activities that directly translate to classroom practice. Subscribers have the opportunity to share, discuss, and collaborate with others in the Pepper community.

View more information on subscription pricing and course availability at the Pepper website.