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Conditions for Learning

Learning and mastering challenging academic standards, requires students to develop and engage social-emotional competencies, such as self-initiation and perseverance, that are also key to success outside the classroom. Research points to the importance of school climate in fostering these competencies.

WestEd has deep expertise in school climate and other conditions for learning, with  professional development designed to enhance participants’:

  • understanding of how positive school climate facilitates school improvement efforts and promotes students' development and resiliency, and
  • skills in ensuring that their own schools have supportive climates.

We also work with districts and schools to build capacity for analyzing and using school-climate-related data from multiple sources, such as surveys, observations, and teacher and student focus groups. These can be used to inform decisions on school improvement efforts, including the fostering of positive learning and teaching environments.

WestEd also creates tools, such as college- and career-readiness frameworks, to help educators understand and identify the knowledge, skills, and “productive dispositions” required for students'  success in postsecondary education, careers, and civic life. allowing them to assess their district's current system capacity. WestEd helps schools and districts with gap analyses and action planning to build systems that promote the growth of these necessary skills and dispositions.


Available Services


Promoting Resilience and Youth Development in School Communities

Linked to the California Healthy Kids Survey, WestEd provides four interrelated workshops designed to help educators and administrators:

  • Create more supportive and asset-rich environments,
  • Connect youth to their school communities,
  • Engage youth in learning, and
  • Reduce youth involvement in substance use, violence, and other risk behaviors.​

Participants will be shown a process for using data from the Resilience and Youth Development Module of the Healthy Kids Survey to improve your school community through data-driven decision-making.

For information on scheduling and pricing, view the California Healthy Kids Survey website or contact us.


School Climate and Culture

WestEd can help build schools’ and districts’ capacity to use school-climate data to implement evidence-based practices that lead to a schoolwide climate and culture conducive to improved student outcomes. Experts will provide training and support as sites work through the process of identifying areas for improvement (using an online assessment and Student Listening Circles), reviewing the data gathered, creating an action plan, and moving forward with implementation of strategies to improve the school climate.

For information on scheduling and pricing, view the full service description or contact us.


School Climate Assessment and Professional Development

WestEd offers a wide array of technical assistance services and practical professional development workshops and presentations designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills fostering positive school climates. School climate can be a driving force in improvement efforts and promoting positive youth development and resiliency during and outside of school.

For more information on the programs available, scheduling, and pricing, view the full service description or contact us.