Workshop: Reading Apprenticeship Introduction - June 24-26, 2015

by Raising the Bar Staff

Sign up by May 15 for this opportunity to learn powerful instructional shifts for middle and high school student success in Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

Participants will learn how to

  • recognize and model for students the reading strategies you use as an expert reader in your subject area,
  • engage students in understanding their own thinking processes—the power of metacognition,
  • integrate and accelerate students’ subject area learning and subject area literacy,
  • foster learning dispositions of persistence, stamina, problem solving, and collaboration,
  • turn the sustained work of learning back to students, successfully, and
  • plan lessons that incorporate all dimensions of the Reading Apprenticeship framework.

Open to middle and high school teachers and administrators, this three-day workshop will held in WestEd's Oakland, California office.

For more information, or to register, visit the Reading Apprenticeship website.