Video tutorials to guide you through the California ELD Standards

by Marianne Justus

When I was faced with the task recently of introducing the California English Language Development Standards and Framework to a group of educators, I turned to the expert video tutorials in two online professional learning modules for inspiration. Created by the California Department of Education, these tutorials provide ideas about how to support teachers in using the California ELD standards and ELA/ELD Framework. In these tutorials, I found guidance on how the standards are structured, how they correspond to the Common Core State Standards for Literacy, and how they might be implemented in California classrooms.

Last spring I wrote in this blog about a set of classroom videos that exemplify the standards at each grade span. In addition to that classroom video collection, Raising the Bar now also has a one-stop-shop collection of the video tutorials curated from the online modules, which feature WestEd experts explaining the key features of the standards and how to use them. View the collection here: Learning from the Experts about the California ELD Standards: Video Tutorial Collection.

One tutorial that I found particularly useful was titled “Using the CA ELD Standards in Integrated and Designated ELD.” I’ve heard from several teachers that there is some confusion about the difference between Integrated and Designated ELD. I turned to this tutorial to learn more about this difference, as well as how the writers envisioned the standards being integrated into instruction. In this tutorial, I learned that the ELD Standards were designed to be used to inform instructional planning across content areas, not just for English language development. I also learned that Designated ELD instruction should build into content area instruction and should build from content area instruction, which was both surprising and exciting for me as an educator. I really like the notion that the ELD Standards can be used as a lens for examining texts and tasks that could be challenging for English learners. This is a great way for content area teachers to start understanding these complex, groundbreaking language standards.


These video tutorials are designed to support a wide range of educators, instructional leaders, and teachers, as well as policymakers. From policy implementation, to detailed explanations of the proficiency level descriptors, the video tutorials are a valuable resource, whether you are new to the standards or are looking for materials to support a training.

Check out the full online modules for additional documents, including relevant resources and guiding questions, which could be used to guide trainings and discussions.


ELA/ELL Content Specialist, WestEd