Curriculum and Instruction Resources for Education Leaders Planning for New Standards

by Raising the Bar Staff

The Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation (CSAI) has developed a series of resources to assist teachers and those who support teachers to plan teaching and learning of College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) for all students. Each resource in the series supports implementation of the standards by addressing both theory and practice, allowing educators to understand the value of the new approach to learning, and also offering practical tools and templates to establish new practices for integrating the standards into instruction. This series of nine documents, taken together, helps teachers take ownership of the standards, understand them deeply, and implement them effectively in the classroom. This User Guide is designed for district and school instructional leaders to identify the right resources from this series to engage with at their sites, and to provide guidance on the use of these resources in their settings.

Please visit the Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation website for more information and to download these resources.